We work every day to offer you the best sleep experience ever.


Ennerev proposes independent spring mattresses and ergonomic mattresses in evolved foams, together with traditional spring mattresses, latex mattresses and hypoallergenic mattresses.

  • Spring and memory foam mattresses: the support of independent springs encounters the comfort of memory foam.
  • Mattresses with micro-springs and independent springs
: each spring moves autonomously to ensure the mattress supports or welcomes the body as required.
  • Evolved foam mattresses: hypoallergenic foam mattresses for targeted support and proper blood circulation.
  • Latex foam mattresses
: only pure and naturally hypoallergenic latex for a naturally non-deformable, elastic and hygienic mattress.
  • Bonnell spring mattresses: the system of Bonnell biconical springs in steel wire makes for a durable, firm and supported mattress.


Ennerev specialises in upholstered and functional beds with removable covers. Our upholstered beds feature a modern design, some minimalist, some vintage and others with a luxurious and contemporary elegance. All are the fruit of a passionate study of fabrics and sartorial detailing.


Ennerev produces slat bases for mattresses. Motorised or fixed, we offer bases for single, queen-size, double and extra-large double mattresses, in diverse lengths and with steel or wood frames.


The Ennerev Contract line proposes beds and mattresses for hotels, bed & breakfast and farm-stay structures and residences.